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          Welcome to the official sign up for the 2024 Angel Gang Retreat in Jamaica.


  • Premium Individual Package (your own room, 1 bed ocean view) - $4000 US
  • Couples Package (you and your guest share a room/ w 1King size Bed) - $5000 US
  • Regular Individual Package (shared room with your own bed) - $3000 US

                                  (Your deposit is inclulded in the overall package price)


                                              DATE: Tuesday April 4th-9th 2024

                                                                   (Session #5)


WHERE: Westmoreland Jamaica, Luna Seas Hotel

Airport - Sangster International, Montego Bay Jamaica - Do not book your fight until December 30th 2023. If your session doesn't have enough attendees, it will be canceled and you will be notified. You'll have the option of a refund or a transfer to another session that has availability


Designed specifically for Angel Gang to to enjoy together and immerse in Jamaican culture, history and food, private beaches, fresh water lagoons and rivers. Enjoy all day excursions like, ATVing, a 14 mile trip up Black River in traditional Fishermen's boats, bush hiking and Blue Hole diving. Also offered are sacred burial ceremonies on the beach, perfect in supporting your spiritual death and rebirth process. Everything is optional, so should you just want to stay at the hotel, chill at the bar, browse the internet, play some ludi or dominos or just chill in your room with some AC and TV, that's available to you as well. 



The hotel is Luna Seas Beach in Westmoreland, where we as a  group will spend most of our time together when not on adventures. The airport is Sangster Interternational airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 


See the Room Packages below to select from. The only difference in the retreat packages are the rooms, food excusions and all other accomodations are the same. All package prices include your deposit and are not in addition to the deposit. 


  • Premium Individual Package (your own room, 1 bed ocean view)  - $4000 US 
  • Couples Package (you and your guest share a room/ w 1King size Bed) - $5000 US
  • Regular Individual Package (shared room with your own bed) - $3000 US 


Your deposit is charged to you in Canadian (CAD) Currency. Your invoice with the remaining balance however will be billed to you in American (USD) Currency and will reflect the currency difference and adjustment. We apologies for the confusion, please feel free to call should you have any questions. (647)707-1746


All packages require a $1000 deposit upon registration. Deposits are non-refundable after 30 days and invoices are due in full 30 days before the retreat.



  • Hotel Room - (AC/Wifi)
  • 3 meals a day - (vegan/veg option available/)
  • Daily excusions -Experience the healing powers of Jamaica. Visit private beaches and fresh water rivers everyday, ATVing in At.Ann, a full day boating excusion up Black River in St.Elizabeth, bush hiking, Blue Hole diving and a weed tour in westmoreland and cave tours in Negril. Sacred burial ceremonies on the beach and more
  • Shuttle to and from airport
  • Safe and organically grown Ganja  


Not Included: 

  • Airfare
  • Travelers Insurance (strongly recommended)
  • Alcohol (full bar and kitchen is available at the hotel, so should you want to order from the bar or kitchen you can at your own expense, otherwise your 3 meals and weed is covered.)


Session #5 Deposit (April 4-9) Angel Gang Retreat in Jamaica 2024

  • Deposits are non-refunable in 30 days from registration. You have 60 days upon paying your deposit to pay the invoice in full. All accommodations are covered except airfare, alcohol and travelers insurance. Every participant should have basic level travelers insurance.


    Do not book your flight before November 31st. If your session doesn't have enough attendees, it will be canceled and you will have a choice between a refund or to switch to another session, should it have capacity. Once you've paid in full, book your flight, and send all flight details to and we will arrange your pick up from the airport.


    In the month leading up to the session, you will receive an email and or google form confirming dietary restirctions, flight times, and some advice for travelling to the island as well as what you may want to travel with and without!


    Basic travels Insurance is strongly recommended

    Any questions, email - (647) 707-1746

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